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Come and join us in Tanzania!

   This is the best way to support us. You can contribute to the huge work we develop in Kutembea na Tanzania in ELONI center, or work on the construction of the new centre. You can also collaborate with Mto Wa Mbu women.


   Contact us for further information about how to become a volunteer in Tanzania and take part on our projects.  


From home

   We are based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, where we are also grateful for any volunteers. Nevertheless, you can help us from wherever you are and in many ways: project management, treasury management, website design, poster design, volunteer management, etc. All help is welcome.


   We are also present on several events and fundraisers, so we need people to represent our NGO while we are working in Tanzania. We are a small team and every little help is crucial.


    Come and meet us!


Donate Now

    Do you want to participate but you do not know where to start? Donating is a great contribution to our cause. Everything counts to build the path towards a better future. Kutembea has always been transparent to their partners and supporters. All members are volunteers.

  • We work in situ, travel, bring resources and drugs, and so on, everything at our own expense.

  • Nothing that has been donated will be invested in travel, administrative expenses, salaries, offices or facilities. 100% of donations are assigned directly to the projects.



ES71 1491 0001 2230 0011 3233


Clarification: Partner companies will be offered a space on the website to place their logo with a link to their website.


Contact us today for more information about how you can collaborate with us.


These are the stories of some volunteers that have been in Tanzania with us!

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   “I have been fortunate to share my holidays with the Kutembea family and it has undeniably been an unforgettable experience. For almost three weeks I supported their amazing projects: helping with organisation issues of the current ELONI center, providing new ideas for the classes and general education or teaching computer sciences to teachers so they can make the most of the didactic resources available on the Internet.

Besides, I have had the opportunity to participate on the Summer Camp. This took place every afternoon in the field, where volunteers, local workers and architects Nicole and Sebastián, put out their effort to build the school.

I cannot deny that I felt sometimes helpless, frustrated and even hurt. But those feelings were always compensated with hugs, joy and smiles from children and local people and above everything, the energy and motivation of Giovina, Grace, Dotto, Patricia and Amalia.

Kutembea na Tanzania, I am truly grateful for hosting me and let me live an experience like this”.


Publication date: September 15, 2018

Published by: Elena

Volunteer August 2018, Arusha (Tanzania)

1 (1 de 1)-24.jpg

   “I  helped in ELONI center for a month where 40 children ranging from 2 to 7 years of age arrive every day. The educational compound is placed in a modest and quiet neighbourhood in Arusha. I am 38 years old and this month, sharing my life with those children, neighbours and school staff, was one of the most beautiful and fulfilling things that has ever happened to me. I stayed in the school and lived as one of them. Sometimes, at the beginning, when you have not settled  yet, you sometimes wonder “What am I doing here?” but in my case, I quickly found my answer. The main aim of volunteers staying there was to help kids improve their lives in the same way they help you, making you feel part of their families and passing on their laughs, which we no longer have so easily…


    They just need a bit of organisation. As a teacher, I helped to organise educational programmes and introduce more dynamic teaching methods. Currently, they use old-fashioned teaching techniques due to their lack of resources that make changes slow. Moreover, they need some hygiene education regarding their available resources. On the other hand, the most important task is giving them back all the love and affection that they showed from the beginning to us. It is really amazing to feel all the affection that they give and want. I think that the fact of being there and playing with them, instead of spending the day alone, is already a great help.


   I almost cried while writing this text because it was hard to separate from them. Honestly, I do not know who helped more: me or them. I am thankful to Kutembea for this experience and the flexibility, freedom and affection which I was always treated with. I hope this text inspires someone to be a volunteer in Tanzania or to help wherever and however he or she can. Kutembea is a small and beautiful NGO that needs our collaboration to continue helping others!”


Publication date: June 08, 2018

Published by: Sara Rojas

Elonia Center, Arusha

From 05/29/2018 to 06/23/2018

1 (7 de 49).jpg

    "I am a physiotherapist and I have been aquainted with volunteering with various groups for several years. I am also in love with Africa and worried about the real necessities that exist there since I was fortunate to cooperate with other African NGOs a couple of years ago.


    While I was looking for a new project, I found Kutembea family due to a series of events. I had little knowledge about what was happening, but I knew that it was in this association where I wanted to concentrate my energies and work. So, I started to humbly collaborate in Gran Canaria whichever way I could. The work in Tanzania is really important (something I hope to start doing soon), but this would not be possible without all the work behind it: fund raising, participation at events, craft sales, promotion… All those hours shared with BEAUTIFUL and committed people made me be more aware of the need to bring these projects forward. We are only a few people, so we need to grow… we still have so much work ahead.

   I would like to thank all the members of this great family for the work they have made so far and for what they are building. Now I begin a new stage in the mainland, but I uphold this project of love and dedication. Let’s walk together!!!”


Publication date: January 22, 2018

Published by: Paula Barbas López

My volunteer experience in Kutembea from Las Palmas, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

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