We are KUTEMBEA, a non-governmental organization who works to encourage and give support to those projects whose principal objectives are to improve conditions in educational and labour fields in places where people live in extreme poverty and without educational or labour system in Tanzania. Besides, we work on it respecting in all aspects the culture, the customs and the roots of all the communities we reach.  

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Our objective is to improve conditions in fields such as nutrition, health and education of all the children of all the communities we reach in Tanzania. We also give support to local projects where women join together to progress noticeably their empowerment and their position in patriarchal communities.

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Always starting from the real love that makes us move to this place in the heart of Africa, we learn from their culture while we share ours with them to grow as human beings on Earth.

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Respect: We recognise other culture’s values and we do not force ours, learning their traditions while empowering our differences.

Honesty: Absolute transparency, veracity and honesty in the way we manage our objectives.


Solidarity: We work together for a common goal beyond our individual interests.


Gratitude: We value and celebrate the open welcoming among communities.


Kindness: We go beyond conventions, selflessly and with an attitude of love towards others.


Cooperation and team work: Joining knowledge and strength while working with other people is the way how we can help other people that need it and also change their circumstances.

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