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Supporting women

As a result of the project to support women, we discovered that many of them would not be able to enter the world of work if their children did not go to school. In Tanzania, education is not free and thanks to those people who want to contribute so that these girls and boys have access to continuing education, it is possible for women to continue without that liability and for children to find a new path in education.


In Kutembea Na Tanzania we support women searching godmothers since it is not an exclusive project for these children but also for their mothers.


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ELONI Educational Centre

Since 2015

  On January 2015 our NGO’s President got to know ELONI Educational Centre through a volunteering action. When she saw the critical situation of the fostered children, she decided to give support to them from Spain in order to improve their nutrition and health.

    Families of those fostered children are people lacking resources, so we started to search for support in different ways. We wanted to give them a well-balanced diet, medical assistance, proper sanitation facilities and a safe house to help them not to live as homeless or in other difficult circumstances.


   We are currently fostering 38 boys and girls ranging from 2 to 6 years old. Among these kids, there is a child suffering from Asperger Syndrome and another one from Down Syndrome.

   We have accomplished a lot during these 3 years of work. Our fostered kids do not sleep on the floor anymore and they have potable water supplies thanks to a new water reservoir installed in the area. There are two teachers who lead them through their education. We are truly proud of everything that we have achieved along with everyone who is part of Kutembea na Tanzania.

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Since 2017

    After our experience in ELONI Educational Centre and after a little bit of research about children´s health, we found out that the centre was built over a septic tank. As it is highly polluted, it is very dangerous for them, so our second project was to buy a field close to the community and built a new educational centre in order to give them a better place to stay.

   We organised an international design competition which Chilean architect Sebastián Silva Zunza won. During the summer of 2018 he moved to Tanzania to start his building project.  

   Thanks to the huge number of volunteers that we thankfully received last summer, we could get quite a lot done but we still have so many things to achieve: sewage, electrical network, etc. We are running out of resources, but we keep going as best we can.

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   Kutembea na Tanzania listens to and encourages women, supporting their small business projects. In Mto Wa Mbu, a village in the area, we help women to find new jobs. We give them tools that will help them to sustain and empower themselves.  


   Get to know their stories and discover in which ways they get along through different local businesses such as clothing design with African tissues, farming, crafts, etc.


   Support their projects!

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